Manufacture and design of shelves and bookcases made up of shelves arranged horizontally and / or vertically depending on the needs of our customers, to place objects on top and opti-mize spaces.


There are different architectural styles according to the needs of your home. It is about deco-rating the house with interior design trends, to create pleasant spaces that adapt to the tastes and needs of those who will inhabit it.
The contemporary style consists of creating an environment of comfort and simplicity; unclut-tered, fresh and subtly sophisticated. It shows the beauty of space, clean lines and uncom-plicated clarity.
The traditional style furniture is curved and straight lines, combined with a formal and ele-gant style. They are basically wooden furniture, of different types and tones, in some cases with engravings and ornaments. In the dining room there is room for display cabinets and other classic furniture.
The transitional style is the perfect combination of a classic decoration with a current one. The objective is to create a space in which elements of both styles coexist in perfect harmony.
The essence of the rustic style is simplicity, naturalness and roughness. The furniture does not have much ornamentation. The lack of modern materials such as metal, plastic or syn-thetic fabrics. The predominant colors are brown, green, beige, gray and gold tones. The fe-eling of handmade creation has to be in each of the furniture or decorative details that you incorporate into your rustic interior decoration.